About Engines-USA

Engines-USA has been serving the engine industry for over 20 years. We are family owned and operated and produce and sell ONLY Remanufactured car engines. We specialize in all vehicle makes and models and are committed to providing the highest quality engines for both consumers and mechanics. We offer a wide selection of Japanese, European, British, & American Engines. We produce and rebuild everything in house, we are NOT a broker or middleman. The parts we use are certified OEM and of the highest quality. Our shop provides an array of services ranging from brake service, oil change, and even air conditioning service. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry, and we provide a quick turnaround. Our Engine Facility is in Chatsworth, CA which is located in the San Fernando Valley. Please feel free to stop by our over 10,000 Square Foot engine facility and see our step by step engine rebuilding process. You may call our customer service to schedule an appointment to meet with our Mechanics.

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